27 Oct


Cocoa diet – a dietary for true connoisseurs of taste who are going to lose weightiness without depriving yourself loved treat. Chocolate dietary is not only tasty, but also useful. At the present time we will prove it to you. In the current world today invented a lot of diets, which are getting harder to find every day. Nutritionists actively working on a simple and more complex power systems and diet for every person to fulfill his cherished dream – to lose weight and become healthier, more attractive. Think some whether there is such a dietary that would be able to solve the problem of excess gravity, fit perfectly into today’s pace of life and to be pleasant? Yes, there is, cocoa diet! Dabblers in dietary say it is impossible, and experienced comrades slimming convincing nod his head in response, because of the cocoa regime composed a lot of information, but not every woman has moved on reading it. Maybe the issue with indecision or the love of cocoa! However if there were not, but fans of the goodies on the “URA” perceive the information, because the chocolate dietary – is tasty and healthy. On cocoa diet can be tough or a more moderate, you choose, and to begin with a look at the basic principles of nutrition and diet. 1. Cocoa Diet – beat on calory dramatically and without warning. This version of the diet is designed for those people who are in love with chocolate and do not suffer any serious liver disease, do not keep sand and stones in the kidneys. Also find out if you are not sick, hypertension, because there is a risk of exacerbation of the disease. Not because of the chocolate, and caffeine, which will enter the body of the chocolate. So, slimming chocolate is consumed within 5-7 times, which will be the main mass loss of 3-5 pounds, and if you eat wisely and moderately following the regimen, you can throw about the same amount of gravity without any problems and harm to self. The question arises, how to choose chocolate, because the taste preferences are varied and however much you can eat? In what should necessarily be a treat high in cocoa beans, no doubt, because they improve metabolism, which is also “warmed up” coffee. Forget approximately white, diabetic, and liquid milk cocoa, because the benefits of it, you do not have and just do fun of the aging body. Excess weight is certainly a bit gone, but the result is compared with black, natural chocolate will be negligible. Now let’s talk some the number of the problem is to some extent unique, because someone eats a wash tile and it is little, but someone 100 gr. Enough. The classic version of the diet has to apply 80 or 90 mg. Cocoa in three steps, which are necessarily accompanied by a black chocolate without sugar (It is possible to add to a bit of skim milk.) Floor tile in 90 gr. Easily divided into three stages, but however the average stogrammovaya wall tiles, divide will enjoy to facial skin, though clarity is not significant here, the amount will be eaten by one and the same, the result is not substitute.


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